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In this review of 3 Girls a Day, I will go over the effectiveness of Todd Valentine's online dating system, and whether or not it's worth your money. When it comes to online dating, you must first ask yourself what you are looking for. Are you looking for someone to be your friend in hopes that something more develops...

Are you into just a hook-up? Are you looking for your soul mate but realize that you'll have to go through a number of people to find that match? Online dating is a great platform for knowing the intellectual level of two individuals because the first condition of the communication is interaction. Whereas in real dating the physical appearance and approach can make considerable difference in creating apparent impression, in case of virtual meeting the interaction gets intensified only in case the mental tuning between two people is matched, which paves better foundation for a concrete and reliable friendship.

Getting dating advice from an expert will help one in getting that right person, how to meet your date, things that are recommended and other things that will help one in achieving what they want. Getting the right person will depend highly on the best way to construct your profile. The first impression is what really matters in online dating and it must be done correctly.

What's the background of the author who created 3 Girls A Day?

RSD Todd 3 Girls A Day
Todd Valentine (RSDTodd), the man behind 3GAD, has earned great recognition in the field of dating coaching. Todd is an executive coach for Real Social Dynamics, the international leader in dating advice, and also Chief of RSD Inner Circle. He used to be quite shy and insecure type of guy himself at one point of time. It is only after he completed his study of psychology in university and thereafter implemented different psychological concepts on women, that he was able to achieve some success with them. Early on, he believed that just "being a good person" and "doing the right thing" would lead girls to naturally be attracted to his. Picking up girls, going out to social events, meeting strangers; he didn't think that these were something you were meant to practice at all. In fact, Todd thought proactively trying to get women into your life was the lamest thing you could do.

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Fortunately, almost by accident, Todd stumbled upon a pickup artist community online while looking for pickup lines and funny jokes to tell girls. With the help of the forums and wingmen he met in the field, he luck with women began to change.

How the 3 Girls A Day online dating course works:

To better understand the workings of the system, it is important that we first take a closer look at the components which make it successful. These are:

- Why I Love Online Dating
- What is attraction, examples based in science
- Whats the best site to use
- How to write an amazing online profile
- Online profile examples
- Social Capital
- The four types of texts

Gender roles - Todd starts his e-book by providing an introduction to his system, and the gender roles as they presently exist in our society. Women feel attracted to men who fit into certain types of gender roles. This is the precise reason it becomes important for men to gain better understanding of them and learn to play just the right type of roles in order to attract a particular type of women.

Confidence – No matter how complicated or distinct a woman may be, she will get attracted to a man who excludes a good amount of confidence. This section of the 3 Girls A Day system stresses greatly on the importance of confidence when it is about attracting women. Implementing the methods explained in this section, you'll be able to conquer your insecurities and overcome your social fears.

Once you are through with the above-mentioned video sections, Todd will take you through the actual dating system. This system has been categorized into different sections as follows:

3 Girls a Day Members

3 Girls Todd

- How to start the conversation so she'll definitely reply back
- How to make her laugh through online messages and text
- How to get her attracted even if you're not normally her type
- How to ask her out without risking rejection
- Where the best places to take her on a date are
- What to do if she suddenly stops replying
- How to tell if she likes you or is just leading you on
- What to do if she doesn't reply back
- How to date on your own terms
- How to set up the date to end in sex
- How to get a second date

Approaching women – A complete chapter focuses on tips that can come handy when you're trying to approach women. These tricks will help you overcome social anxiety and fine tune your approach techniques depending on the situation.

Tests – There is a world of difference between the ability of a man to project confidence and his ability to prove to the world that he's confident indeed. Women know all sorts of methods to test men's confidence levels and they hardly take anytime in rejecting men who fail in this aspect. Todd Valentine will take you through all these tests and will show you some examples to help you see through the situations when you're being actually put to test. Furthermore, he teaches different methods of passing such tests with flying colors.

Body language – A lot of stress is laid on the body language in the Todd Valentine system. Body language is critical when it comes to social interaction. Todd will help you correctly read any woman's body language to understand whether she is really interested in you or not. Moreover, you'll also get to learn to change your own body language so that you send the right signals to the women you wish to attract.

Bonuses Included When You Purchase 3 Girls A Day

This program is not only comprehensive but it also comes with exciting bonuses. Here they are:

⇒ 5 Hours of online dating secrets – these battle tested "Copy and Paste" real world examples of what good online game actually looks like.

⇒ 3 recorded phone conversation – it will show you the right things you should say when you're on the phone, while hoping to have a date.

⇒ Hot woman view interview – this bonus is an interview featuring a beautiful lady who shares her expertise in online dating. This particular reward would assist you in getting a woman's view. It will help you learn those messages that can instantly get the attention of a woman, the image, account and issues that will surely grab the attention of a woman instantaneously.

⇒ Reference text book – this bonus book was carefully and methodically edited so as to include the keys as well as most of the helpful tricks that are being discussed in the program. This would be a very helpful addition while you undergo the tricks and hypotheses again and again.

This knowledge has helped me tremendously in dealing with all sorts of people, be it at work, in private life or in dating. The 3 Girls A Day dating methods are based on self-respect, self-growth and have a win-win outcome in mind. The acquired mindset also helps to deal with emotional vampires and negative people overall.

Without dating skills most simply focus on the wrong type of things in life, mostly on external possessions and outer validation. Most males think this way and follow this pattern of behavior, being taught so in the media.

They believe that such things are necessary to attract females. Instead one should focus on oneself first, by changing beliefs within and caring less about outward matters. Women will then follow automatically. Having success in the dating and personal life will give first and foremost freedom of mind, peacefulness and just happiness overall.

The positive reinforcement cycle already starts with the incorporation of new beliefs and propels to new highs with each new success in the dating game. Eventually the whole picture of dating becomes very clear.

If her overall first impression of you is great, she will be likely more open to interacting with you.

While I couldn't get into all the details here about how to maintain confident body language and how to go about teasing a woman, I must point out a great impression alone is not enough. While it will spark her interest, to really get a girl to like you, you need more. Every interacting moment with her must be one that draws her in more and more into you, and it's easy to blow it if you don't know what you're doing.

Overall, I think this guide is a must have for someone who does not know how the dating game works. Now for those who "think" they know how the dating game works, the 3 Girls a Day guide is also a must have in your arsenal of dating knowledge if you want to really take your dating know-how to the next level.

I give '3 Girls A Day' a Solid Thumbs Up Rating 👍

With all that being said... no book, guide, bootcamp, or dating seminar will be able to change your life overnight. It will take some time and effort on your behalf to achieve your goal.

How Do I Order 3 Girls A Day?

To purchase the program and qualify for the 60-day money-back guarantee, visit the Official Site below:

3 Girls A Day

Official Site ⇒ http://3girlsaday.com

The cost is $67, which includes the 4 Bonuses Items listed above. By purchasing through the link above, you will also qualify to receive all future bonuses added to the program as they are released. Beware of fraudulent links and do not give your credit card information to an unknown seller.